Our lives are being transformed by ecological and social forces that can no longer be ignored. Change is constant in the wild and nature’s principles of growth, loss and change are all connected. Productivity and sustainability are the purpose.

Alan McSmith’s stories from remote Africa speak of this. The inter-being. In a conversation from the heart, he shares numerous meaningful encounters from wilderness. The conversation invites you to return to the present moment for a short time. To take your lead from the wild and return home to yourself. For our most basic aspiration, one that unites us all, is to discover purpose in our lives. To be original and significant. To be seen. To be known. To recognise that we all have the responsibility and capacity to innovate a remarkably different future.

Although Alan’s message is an African one, it is of global consequence. Like a whale song travelling the oceans, it’s not about one place; it’s about everywhere, everything, everyone.

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